VoMor™ Extensions

VoMor™ Hand-Tied and Tape-In Hair Extensions are priced upon consultation. Please call (727) 525-9119 to schedule your complimentary consultation with an extension specialist.

Home-care for VoMor™ Extensions

Shampoo and Condition

  1. Shampoo and condition no sooner than 48 hours after application/service
  2. Always brush hair prior to shampooing with a wet brush
  3. Shampoo hair very gently using Aveda Color Conserve™ or Aveda Shampure™ shampoo in an even, downward motion
  4. Condition hair mid-shaft to ends, keeping conditioner off of the extension bonds.

Wet Hair and Drying

  1. Gently towel blot hair and scalp without tangling extensions
  2. Gently comb through hair with a wide-toothed comb, holding scalp with opposite hand to support bonds
  3. Blow-dry the root area first, and ends last (use fingers to separate extensions; do not brush)


  1. Gently remove tangles with fingers before brushing
  2. Brush hair with a wet brush
  3. Loosely braid and secure with a cloth-covered hair tie

Outdoor Activity and Swimming

  1. Use products with UVA/UVB block
  2. Loosely braid and secure with a cloth-covered hair tie
  3. Rinse hair with fresh water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water

General Care

  1. Always use a wet brush
  2. Always use MEDIUM temperatures when using styling tools
  3. Service extensions only within the salon

Product Tips

  1. Avoid applying alcohol or oil-based products directly to the extension bonds to avoid slippage. However, these products are safe to apply to hair.
  2. Use products recommended by your service provider
  3. Only manufacturer-approved products can be used with VoMor™ hair extensions to prevent slipping