Rising Talent

J.CON’s Rising Talent are licensed stylists training to become J.CON professionals. A blow-dry and style is required when seeing a Rising Talent stylist for all color and hair cutting services. There is an additional charge for curling or flat iron work with haircut and style and shampoo and style services.


Women’s Haircut and Style$34 - $37+
Men’s Haircut and Style$23 - $26+
Boy’s Haircut ages 6-9$17 - $20+
Girl's Haircut and Style ages 6-9$28 - $34+
Shampoo and Style$27+
Special Occasion Style$50+
Bridal Stylepriced upon consultation
Bridal Trialpriced upon consultation
Single Process Color with Express Style$72-$75+
Single Process Color with Haircut$79-$85+
Dimensional Color Full with Express Style$141-$148+
Dimensional Color Full with Haircut$151-$161+
Dimensional Color Partial with Express Style$125-$130+
Dimensional Color Partial with Haircut$135-$143+
Single Process+Full+Haircut$196-$209+
Single Process+Partial+Haircut$180-$191+
Balayagepriced upon consultation