Heather’s Story-GoFundMe

Our salon sister Heather, her husband Dennis and their 3-year-old daughter Palmer.

Heather is a beacon of light in the lives of everyone who knows her. Her unwavering positivity, kind heart, and love for her family are evident in her contagious smile. Heather has worked as a hairstylist at J.Con since 2013 and her guests absolutely adore her.

As a devoted wife to Dennis and mother to her beloved 3-yr-old daughter Palmer, Heather’s greatest wish is to ensure a bright and secure future for her family, especially when it comes to Palmer’s education.

Heather’s Story:

In December 2022, Heather was diagnosed with uncurable stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that spread to her liver, spleen, stomach, thyroid and bones. At this point, a brain MRI showed that the cancer had not spread there. She began chemotherapy immediately and even continued her work as a hair stylist during her treatments. She loves her work and clients so much! Within a couple of weeks after her final chemo treatment in April, she was feeling so much better and more like herself again. The treatments were shrinking her cancer and stabilizing her body.

An unfortunate turn of events occurred during Heather’s 2nd brain MRI in August. She learned that the cancer had spread to the spinal cord fluid surrounding her brain (called leptomeningeal metastatic). This cancer is extremely rare, leaving not much research or options. This month, Heather received experimental trial treatments out-of-state as a best option to save her life and it broke her heart to be away from her daughter.

Facing terminal illness is an unimaginable challenge, both emotionally and financially. By contributing to this fund, you’ll be helping to bring peace to Heather’s family while ensuring a bright future for Palmer. Let’s stand united in celebrating Heather, her love, and her commitment to her family’s future.

Heather’s GoFundMe was organized by the team at J.Con Salon and Spa in St. Petersburg, Florida. The beneficiary of the fundraiser is her daughter Palmer. You can reach the GoFundMe page here –> Heather’s Cancer Journey: Palmer’s Education Fund